Photography & Production: Francesco Licata @francescolicatany
Video: Scott Beardslee @scotthenrybeardslee
Model: Debbie Ruijter @barbievineyard
Styling: Lea Muses @leamuses
Makeup: Wout Philippo @woutphilippobeauty
Music: @axewoodcustommusic Everything Remix 


Wardements - Sequin Hoodie & Golden Leggings available at XBANK.Amsterdam

Crown - Handmade by Lea Muses

Creme top & Bronze Dress by Studio AAB -

Sun Hat - by Demure available at XBANK.Amsterdam

Golden Orchid Flower Shoes - Jen Jansen available at XBANK.Amsterdam

Sneakers - Nike Available at

Black Sequin Set - Available at XBANK.Amsterdam

Earring by Marlous Van Der Toorn Available at XBANK.Amsterdam

SPECIAL THANKS TO XBANK.AMSTERDAM & STUDIO AAB & 27thand7th Multimedia Productions

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